Simpatico feat. Jay Battle

from by Tim Stiles

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[Seth Swift]
They always say, “Seth, why don’t you just try a bit?”
“Just try a bit, just try a bit!”
“Now, Seth. Why don’t you just try a bit!?”
Shut up...

[Jay Battle]
If you take me out to dinner
I want burgers, no beginners
Want my meat pink in the center
If there’s mayonnaise I’ll be bitter

Cause vomit is a symptom
And I really wish they’d listen
But I will not be a victim
Of that mayonnaise in my system,

With my luck I’ll get the most
Look like I just seen a ghost
Take a bite, I might just fight
The maitre d’ and end his life

Stab him with a butter knife
Send a message to his wife
All this could’ve been avoided
Now he’s got to pay the price

Really started as a kid, I hated it
Felt like jumpin’ off a cliff, who made this shit?
Tried to understand the Miracle Whip
Some of my friends would use it for dip

Not me, that’s nasty
Don’t even ask me if I want it on the side
Don’t even really want it on my mind
Let alone have it on food, am I right?

I got that quality pipe
Hella ho’s, follows, and likes
I plan on snatching the mic
If you don’t live up to the hype

People be thinking it’s nice
But that shit’s killing my vibe
Pitching and throwing them strikes
Hate Mayo more than Bud Light

[Seth Swift]
Maaaayoooo! Keep away from me
I don’t want to see it in my vicinity
Wait... You agree?

Well, I get irate even if all that I see
Is an advertisement on my computer screen
It’s rare in life to meet someone similar to me
Where it’s failed to meet one
That gets my proclivities

I have gone ballistic on my own family
Viscerally reacted, sometimes explosively
Once upon a time ago, I divorced a pretty girl
Who tried to feed me aioli,
And say it was the “same thing”

[Seth Swift x Ian Hernandez x Tim Stiles]
Practically Simpatico...
Practically Simpat.. (ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh)
Practically Simpatico...
(How does she not know the difference... between condiments?)

Practically Simpatico...
Practically Simpat.. (hey!)
Practically Simpatico...
(I know the difference!)

Practically Simpatico...
Practically Simpat.. (hey!)
Practically Simpatico...
(That bi*ch... seriously)
(Eeew... I got some on me..)

It means something, nobody got to tell you
It means something, nobody’ll tell you why

[Tim Stiles]
What an uncomfortable meeting
With greetings of clammy handshakes
Angst hits the ceiling fan
Which it seems its blades can’t break

This buffet looks lovely
But the conversation is crummy so
My girlfriend stays in the lobby
She can never handle these planned dates

Playing Plants vs. Zombies
While I venture into this man cave
Engaging with the party peeps
Who can’t stand straight...

Up... goes the chatter
While I garnish this platter
Consisting of beer-battered meats
And the sweetest of plantains

The kid inside me, guides me
Back to Peter Pan days
Letting peanut butter smothered Ritz
Complete this campaign

In a room filled with belligerent
Mouthfuls, I’m not hearing it
I’m just running interference
In an omnivorous landscape

It’s practically illogical...
Over treats so hot...
Tactfully methodical...
Not enough to grease my thoughts

I've had about a stomach's full...
Empty talk leaves a knot
I’m unable to put stock
Into these over-washed,
Canned brains...

Find my spot at the table,
Flop my plate down like a pancake
But my butter knife won't make the cut
In discussions tough as a flank steak

The stories they’ve chosen
Are so frightfully broken
Why can’t a silence that’s golden
Become somewhat of mandate?

No matter what I spit, unique
Is returned with a blank gaze
The crunch of chips to teeth
Echo over every damn plate

Condiments with no common sense
Cover stutters like Band-Aids
Our only common ground's the mustard
In a feast that's free of Mayonnaise

[Seth Swift x Ian Hernandez x Tim Stiles x Jay Battle]
Practically Simpatico... (No Mayo)
Practically Simpat.. (No-no-no Mayo)
Practically Simpatico... (No Mayo)
Practically Simpat.. (ah-ah-ah-ah-ahh)

Hash tag, No Mayo, hash-hash-ha-hash-hash-hash
Hash tag... NO MAYO...


from Visceral Candy Feat. Tim Stiles, released November 22, 2016
Written by Seth Swift, Tim Stiles, & Jay Battle
Vocals by Seth Swift, Tim Stiles, Jay Battle, & Ian Hernandez
Produced by Jay Battle
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Jay Battle @ The Battlefield
Seattle, WA


all rights reserved



Tim Stiles Seattle, Washington

Tim Stiles is an independent hip-hop artist residing in Seattle, WA--best known as the lead vocalist/rapper of the satirical hip hop band, Passion Party. Tim is no one trick pony. He’s a clever, crafty wordsmith in his own right with an ability to adapt to just about any concept or genre. ... more

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