Scratching My Head (Ball of Wax Vol. 44 Version)

by Visceral Candy & Tim Stiles

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A song about lice that's not really about lice with Visceral Candy. All instrumentation accomplished by the human voice alone.

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"I am so glad Seth Swift et al. took up my all-vocals challenge to concoct this delightfully twisted hip-hop tune about insecurity, lice, and boogers. Just four tracks in we’ve seen the stark, solo vocal; the multi-tracked faux rock band; the sweet looping duo; and the straight up doo-wop barbershop quartet – and now on track five we have something completely different: Voices effected and twisted six ways to Sunday and turned into drum machines, basses, synths, and who knows what all, backing up Swift and guest vocalist Tim Stiles’s sad and ridiculous tale of woe. Every single piece that was submitted to me for this volume of Ball of Wax treated the vocals-only constraint as a challenge, but used it to create pieces that stand on their own and that I would want to keep listening to whatever the instrumentation. “Scratching My Head” is no exception." - Levi Fuller (


[Tim Stiles]
The lice they bite and cheat
I don’t know why they lie to me
Don’t know why they lie with me
I'm just trying to sleep in

Not even the size of peas
I even tried some bleach
But this bleed's constantly
Leading me closer to the deep end

Their incessant sidling
And follicle, finding feasts
Makes Fridays kind of bleak
I’m not looking forward to the weekend

The cries outlined in speech
Fall on deaf ears, so silently
That I don’t know how I'll feel tomorrow
I suppose I’ll just pretend

That the day
I had the chance to meet them
I made the same glance
Made to cretans

In a straight line
Filed into sequence
Their colonizing decides
My pretense

It was all cherry wine
When I needed them
Sour at first
But a tad sweetened

Now I wear a hat
Like a feral mask
Too scared to scratch
For a reason, I don’t get it

[Seth Swift]
I don’t get it
I... I... don’t get it

[Seth Swift]
I don’t really know why they smile
Everyone is smiling at me
But man, I guess I’ll take it
I have had a terrible week

It wasn’t just dudes on Capitol Hill
It was even pretty ladies
Wasn’t just panhandlers on the street
It was even people who seemed angry

Sniff, Sniff.. Why does my nose itch?
Ah, crap...

How could I have guessed what I would find
There on the tip of my nose
How could I have guessed the whole time
The goodwill I built was hanging from my nose

Why do I... even try?
It never does any good
Out on the street... I’m just a douche
I’m just a do-o-o-o-uche

Everyone they smile at me
I don’t know why, I don’t know why
Looking all askance at me
I don’t know, I don’t know why

[Seth Swift x Ian C. Hernandez x Tim Stiles]
I don’t get it
I... I... don’t get it

[Tim Stiles]
The lies divide my sleep
Uninvited, idle creeps
Compromising vital needs
I’m just trying to sleep in

I fold just like the pleats
In sweat-soaked, piles of sheets
Toss ‘n’ turn to find some peace
Scratching closely at the deep end

Inviting such violent dreams
My bed board whines and creaks
Friday night’s a frightful treat
I’m not looking forward to the weekend

“Why?”s out cried and screeched
Go unanswered and I don’t seek
Solution nor sympathy
Just relief from this grievance

On the night
I had the chance to meet them
I pulled sheets back
Down to knees and

In a straight line
Filed into sequence
Their colonizing ignited
My weakness

It’s all good and fine,
I never needed them
Never meant to be friends

I’ll burn a match
And turn this hat
Into an urn and laugh
For a reason, I don’t get it...

[Seth Swift x Ian C. Hernandez x Tim Stiles]
I don’t get it
I... I... don’t get it


released May 23, 2016
Written by Seth Swift (Visceral Candy) & Tim Stiles
Vocals by Seth Swift, Tim Stiles, & Ian Hernandez
Produced by Jay Battle
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered at The Battlefield Seattle, WA


all rights reserved



Tim Stiles Seattle, Washington

Tim Stiles is an independent hip-hop artist residing in Seattle, WA--best known as the lead vocalist/rapper of the satirical hip hop band, Passion Party. Tim is no one trick pony. He’s a clever, crafty wordsmith in his own right with an ability to adapt to just about any concept or genre. ... more

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