Take Too (Anti​-​One feat. Tim Stiles)

by Tim Stiles

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'Take Too' is a collaboration I'm fortunate enough to have worked on with Dublin hip hop artist & photographer, Ferdia Mooney (aka Anti-One). We wrote this song soon after we first met in Dublin in March 2016. We've stayed in touch and recently finished this all fun and games track. Enjoy!


Take two? Fuck you
I’m coming in steady like a shoot of bamboo
Flow so heavy, your underwear is ruined
I'm coming with the sickness like a dude with the flu

I’m sick, I’m sick, I’m totally ill,
Deadly boy, yo I got a license to kill
Dude, I’ve got more clout than Mordecai
And I’ve got a Queen Margaret by my side

Running level with superiors, call me Benson
Skipping over walls, they tried to have me fenced in
But i got the muscles, man, to keep your attention
High-fiving ghosts from another dimension

Shooting the breeze, John Rigby & Co.
Me and my bro, Tim Stiles, you know
When the track pops off we’ll be spending that dough
But only if i correct my flow

[Tim Stiles]
See, it takes two racquets ‘n’
One ball to play tennis
And sure it’s “all love"
Until “you lost”’s sentence predicate

Life’s not fair
Like the law of landlord-tenants
When you pawns all stare
Wait, wait, wait who are we playing chess against?

You oughta take a second look
Left and right at your Rooks
Who’s protecting your Queen
And igniting your moves?

The domino effect
Takes precedence
You should’ve “Called Saul"
Before you courted crossed messages

It goes, Anti-One, Tim-Two
To make ya'll fall, repetitive
And write a song
To the ivory collapse of your presages

The door of your flat
Has a pink slip slapped
We’ve even boarded your cat
And bubble-wrapped your vestiges

So much for a lasting impression, kid..
One Seattle, One Dublin-ite
Crushed your complex, oedipus

To your existence void
We’ll flip a coin
As you vacate the premises
With one foot in the grave
The other sunk in a treasure chest..

It takes two to breakthrough, that’s why I’m Anti-One
Can’t do this alone, I need the family fund
But now the family’s stunned that I'm the number one
But second isn’t for this, son

Three singles and I played EP
Four friends in the band when you see me
Five songs recorded in an hour
Should’ve been six, but the mic couldn’t handle my power

Seven beats made in a single week,
Eight weeks, left the rap game complete
Nine lives, but I’ve used 18,
36 Chambers since I was 16...

[Tim Stiles]
It goes Anti-One, Tim two to make ya'll fall repetitive
Wait? Who are we playing chess against?


released October 10, 2016
Prod by Ferdia Mooney
Written by Ferdia Mooney and Tim Stiles


all rights reserved



Tim Stiles Seattle, Washington

Tim Stiles is an independent hip-hop artist residing in Seattle, WA--historically known as the lead vocalist/rapper of the satirical hip hop band, Passion Party. Tim is no one trick pony. He’s a clever, crafty wordsmith in his own right with an ability to adapt to just about any concept or genre. ... more

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